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The North Texas Alliance to Reduce Teen Pregnancy is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that seeks to improve the quality of life for children, families, and communities by preventing unintended teen pregnancies.

Through use of an innovative, strategic and culturally sensitive approach to outreach to stakeholders, we will reach and impact communities with the highest rates of teen pregnancy and poverty to provide member resources.

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Where Latino teens learn about sex. And why it matters. Nancy Berglas and Jillian Eversole, University of California, San Francisco November 30, 2016 Updated: December 1, 2016 8:44am The U.S. teen pregnancy rate is at a historic low, with the number of teen births declining dramatically over the past decades. But there are disparities among groups of teens. Latina teens have the highest teen birth..

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Latin American Herald Tribune - Paraguay Presents Family Planning Manual after Big Rise in Teen Pregnancies

Is Paraguay more progressive than the US? http://laht.com/article.asp?ArticleId=2426214&CategoryId=12394

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