Our Mission

Ntarupt’s mission is to reduce unintended teen pregnancy.


Our Vision

Ntarupt’s vision is that every young person in our community has the opportunity to set goals, plan an education and a career, and become self-sufficient before becoming a parent.

Our Values

Ntarupt’s values are innovation, collaboration and cultural sensitivity

It is the first adolescent pregnancy prevention awareness campaign in Dallas, which seeks to normalize conversations about sexual health and provide resources to adolescents, parents, and the general public to raise awareness and reduce the rate of teen pregnancy.


The Issue

Teen Birth Rate
  • US Teen Birth Rate: 22/1,000
  • Texas Teen Birth Rate: 35/1,000 (5th highest in the nation)
  • Dallas County Teen Birth Rate: 39/1,000
  • Selected Dallas zip codes: 53-123/1,000

How Ntarupt addresses the issue

Ntarupt aggregates community resources for both parents and teens-with a focus on teen pregnancy prevention and sexual and reproductive health. Ntarupt also builds capacity within other organizations through technical assistance and trainings, including Askable Adults, which teaches participants how to be a trusted adult and provide relevant resources to teens in their life.

  • Connector.

    Providing evidence-based and evidence-informed sexuality education to teens, link – Teens/YLC/take a Sex Ed class)

  • Connector.

    Providing evidence-based, skill-building education to parents, (link – Adults/take a class)

  • Connector.

    Leading a community conversation about teen pregnancy and prevention (link to speaker request or get/involved/volunteer)

  • Connector.

    Funding and training its partners and community members (increasing capacity in the community) to provide resources and evidence-based and medically accurate sexuality education to parents and teens, Linking clients to youth-friendly resources including: reproductive and primary; and healthcare, after-school programming, counseling, mentoring, and social services ( Link to Teens/clinics or Adults/clinics)

  • Connector.

    Advising organizations in the selection of evidence-based and evidence-informed sexuality education. (link/get involved)

See how Ntarupt has impacted the community delivering evidence based programs with its grant from HHS