CEO of Ntarupt and Art of Consent Winners

“Art of Consent” Winners | Exhibition Ends Saturday | All Artists Participants

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Last day is this Saturday, February 12! Bring your Valentine’s out to 500X Gallery to see the exhibition. 

Art of CONSENT Winners 

Congrats to NTARUPT’s Art of CONSENT winners Tyra Johnson, Laura Davidson and Elizabeth Schefer! 

On display until Saturday, February 12th are some of the hottest pieces of artwork in Dallas, thanks to a talented group of local artists. We have an array of artistic creations from paintings to sculptures, digital illustrations, and even consent art expressed through words and video. We hope to see you this Saturday at 500X Gallery!

Round of Applause 

Thank you so much to Narong and all of the people at 500x Gallery for you collaboration and hard work.

Thank you to the wonderful local artists who took on this difficult conceptual challenge! 

Thank you to board member, Jessica Johnson who helped us create this event along side our key staff members and agency team! 

Thank you to all who helped spread the word.

Thank you to all you have donated to NTARUPT.  

Consent Panel 

We hosted a consent panel during the event with Erica Wilson, the Ntarupt Education Team Lead working on our federal grant and with Uplift Education, among others. She is also the leader of our work on the Young Women’s Initiative, working with young women of color aged 18-24 who are current and future leaders. And Tia Brooks is Coordinator for the Dallas effort of the Texas Foster Youth Health Initiative. 

Special Honor To Our Jurors

  • Darryl Ratcliff, Award-winning Artist, Poet, Writer and 2021 Dallas Art Influencer by Patron Magazine  
  • Tiara Francois, Up-in-coming Dallas artist who now has her first solo exhibition at 500X Gallery, The Pro Compositions. She is the 500X Juror’s Choice Award winner for the Black Voices juried exhibition.
  • Dr. Nina Bates, Ntarupt Director of Programs who manages all of our educators and educational programming
  • Meaders Ozarow – Ntarupt Board Chair 
  • Jessica Johnson, Ntarupt Board Member

Student Film Contest 2022 

If you like what these artists have shown you, join us in sponsoring our 7th Annual Film Competition in which Dallas High School students can win cash/scholarships by submitting a 3-minute film on the topic of, “What Does Consent Look Like to You?




 "Keep It Together" by Tyra Johnson at Art of Consent

JURORS 1st PLACE WINNER: Tyra Johnson “Keep It Together”

Price: $1,700

CONSENT message: Keep It Together depicts the silhouette of a woman as a landscape. Near the head, forms are clean, close together, and have a saturated warm tone. This represents the mental capacity to keep aspects of ourselves and lives together. As the viewer moves down the piece, the color fades and forms become jagged and more distant from one another. This emphasizes how the weight of decisions around consent can slowly cause lasting damage.

Type: Sculpture, Relief Sculpture 21″x 26″ 2021

How to purchase: Contact 500X


I want to be touch art piece at Art of Consent Art Show

JURORS 2nd PLACE WINNER: Laura Davidson “I Want to be Touched” “Don’t Touch Me”

Price $850 & $500

CONSENT message: Wall hanging or pedestal draped soft sculpture that is meant to be touched; embroidery text work. Similar to 3d “quilt” work on my Instagram but connected to created 3d puffy “quilt” with negative spaces.

Type: Soft sculpture 

How to purchase: Contact 500X  


 "I Knew I Crossed the Line" art piece at Ntarupt art show

PEOPLE’S CHOICE WINNER: Elizabeth Schefer “I Knew I Crossed the Line”

Price: $350

“I Knew I Crossed the Line” depicts a woman and man kissing in front of a dreamy sunset which is quickly drowned out by unease such as the imagery of physical struggle below the couple and unsettling hands. This represents what can occur should consent not be talked about or presented in a dynamic. It can lead to abuse, discomfort, awkward emotions and an overall uncomfortable undertone. When discussions about consent don’t occur before intercourse, it can even lead to finding out about an STD your partner may have had or unplanned pregnancy.

Type: Collage

How to purchase: Contact 500X  


All “Art of CONSENT” Show Exhibitors


“preSHas” art work at Art of Consent Art show

Deidre Hardin


Price: $530

CONSENT message: Represents the valued importance of the womb. It is the cradle of life. A vital part of the body to lovingly consider prior to allowing any access. The design reflects the chaotic twisting decisions between chastity and consent

Type: Mixed media copper sculpture

How to purchase: Contact 500X   


“Baby Gurl” consent art piece

Amanda (Semente) Pereira

“Baby Gurl”

Price: $444

CONSENT message:  A visualization of a woman’s body and all the ways it has been violated physically and with words.

Type: Drawing

How to purchase: Contact 500X  


“Naked Woman ” art representing consent

Tiffany Williams 

Naked Woman

Price: $350

CONSENT message: As an artist, I am interested in creating works that come from my personal experiences, being an individualist, and intimacy with others. This piece in particular, explores the nature of sending and receiving nudes. My consent allows me to control the narrative of my feminine nature. This expression of intimacy builds trust, and makes room for long term relation all while playing on the imagination.

Type: Drawing, Granite Pencils   

How to purchase: Contact 500X 


A hand pointing at a woman

Danielle Mbenda                                                                                                   

Price: $200

CONSENT message: GIVE IN doesn’t mean SAY YES:  I did not understand why he kept going. I did not understand if and why he thinks I was joking. 

 The first time, I told him nicely: “I want to go home” 

 The second time, I told him nicely: “I want to go home” 

 The third time, I told him: “I want to go home” 

 I said to myself: too bad, it’s better to let it happen, then forget about it.

 It was the first time

 Time has passed now

 I’m off and on

 Slowly building my life again 

 From the crumbs of sanity, I had gathered around

 Life is full of light again

 And yet on dark still nights

 I often ask myself: “Why?”

Type: Illustration

How to purchase: Contact 500X     


"Setting Boundaries" & "On Second Thought" sculpture representing consent"Setting Boundaries" & "On Second Thought" sculpture representing consent

“Setting Boundaries” & “On Second Thought”

Prices: $125 & $150 

CONSENT message: Two terracotta slab-built abstract figures which represent the complexities of Consent.

Type: (2) Sculptures – Terracotta Clay  

How to purchase: Contact 500X  


"I Said NO!" Crown

MY, “I Said NO!” Crown 

  Price: $1,500

CONSENT message: MY, “I Said NO!” Crown is from a series, “Just A Crown: Reimagining 40 of the Crowns/Personalities That Black Women and Girls Wear During Their Lifetime. This crown speaks to the moment of refusing consent in the life of young, African-American girls. The unspoken discussion of how these girls are easily sexualized through music, entertainment and misogynistic predatory manipulation, in and outside of the family. The Crown is designed of downturned hearts and alludes to how the loving trust of youth is gnawed away at by the hard-earned self protection alliances and disappointment in choosing empowerment over being “loved”. There are three other illustrations that will be interpreted as either “doors” or “shields” by the viewer.

Type:  Illustration: 

How to purchase: Contact 500X


Jas Mardis 

MY, New Voice Crown 

  Price: $3,700

CONSENT message: Just A Crown is a new series of 40 original pieces by Jas. Mardis that imagines the various “crowns” worn by African-American Women during the stages and roles of their lifetimes. The series begins with a four stanza poem that declares the emotional, spiritual, physical, dynamic and relational existence displayed in the created works.

Type:  Illustration: 

How to purchase: Contact 500X 


“Colors of Consent” artwork

Amber Traylor

“Colors of Consent”

Price: $250

CONSENT message: It’s different ethnic groups in one body. The tape over the mouth represents the person’s choice to consent being taken away. The hands around the body and touching the body represents the predator. The chain signifies the weight a person carries around after being touched without giving their consent. And the light shows the power and strength a person still holds within themselves that reminds them to not give up.

Type: Painting / Mixed Media

How to purchase: Contact 500X 


mixed media canvas artwork

Hallow Geffert 


Price: $10,000

CONSENT message: A depiction of the relationship the artist has with their body, and the inability to clean inside the body. The canvas hangs as a slice of leathered skin on the wall.  

Type: Mixed Media 

How to purchase: Contact 500X 


Painting of a woman holding a bouquet of blue and red roses

Ishra Mohaymen

“This Rose has Thorns”

Price: $600

CONSENT message: The color Red can symbolize many things. It stands for emotions on the extreme side such as love and passion but also suggests anger or a sign of warning.

A flower such as a rose depicts romance and feminism but it also symbolizes courage. Together with these elements, I included a feminine figure with her hands on her chest which suggests that she is protecting herself whilst clutching her rose.

The Rose is a visual metaphor of her womanhood and along with her stance, she is sending a clear signal that she is not giving her womanhood away. Her rose has thorns because she does not give her consent. Furthermore, I included tones of blue in the painting to suggest confidence and dominance in her body language.


How to purchase: Contact 500X  


“Over pleasing” orange and green painting

Joshua Moran

“Over pleasing”

Price: $600

CONSENT message: : “The painting represents blocking off your own well being for the sake of being wanted by another, self trapping never receiving the love equally than what you’re giving out.”

Type: Painting

How to purchase: Contact 500X


2 coffee and ink stained painting representing consent

Don Dixon 


Price: $250 each 

CONSENT message: This work shows what consent looks like. When all parties are on a respectful plane of honesty, and love. To completely allow another into the heart and soul of the other, feeling weightless like you are on a cloud

Type: Mixed Media 

How to purchase: Contact 500X  


"TotheViewer" mixed media style art piece

Ebony Lewis  


Price: $350

CONSENT message: As an Artist the most valuable and intimate form of consent I can give is to the viewer of my art. My art is a reflection of the deepest parts of me. It’s my fears, my passions, my pain, my joy, it’s everything within me. It’s where I feel closest to God and struggle with the enemy all in one. It’s where I feel safest with myself. It is where I can be most vulnerable. This piece is extremely personal and stripped down to raw emotion. No  color images, no hidden meanings, nothing to decode. Just my words of consent directly from me to you. 

Type: Mixed Media 

How to purchase: Contact 500X 


“Yellow” digital drawing of a woman with a traffic light in place of her head shining yellow

 LaShonda Cooks 


Price: $150 and $50

CONSENT message: Was inspired by traffic lights and how they clearly communicate when it’s OK to go, time to wait or time to stop. If only we were able to read our partner’s mind and know they’re comfort level with certain practices as easily. But the truth is we can. With open communication of boundaries. The drawing represents the merging of the image of a woman with her body  language and signal in conflict. Hopefully it encourages me and others to be open in our words and actions about what we want and don’t want.

Type: Digital Drawing 

How to purchase: Contact 500X  


“Safe Kind of Love” Painting, Oil, acrylic on Birch wood Panel, 2ft by 2ft

Shay Chenette

“Safe Kind of Love” 

Price: $550

CONSENT message: Is an exploration of consensual adoration and admiration between partners. In the “white” zone of this piece the lovers are fully connected, their love is highlighted and the moment of ecstasy is captured. 

Type: Painting, Oil, acrylic on Birch wood Panel, 2ft by 2ft

How to purchase: Contact 500X  


“A lesson in consent” graphic art piece

Kayla Henson 

“A lesson in consent”

Price: $250

CONSENT message: AThis piece uses surrealism to capture attention while drawing the eye to the definition and importance of consent.

Type: Graphic Art

How to purchase: Contact 500X 


"Erotic Wallflower" Salt print on paper - Painting ​​18" x 24"

Gibson Regester 

“Erotic Wallflower” 

  Price: $8,000

CONSENT message: The freedom of your own autonomy is gone. The rush of one’s own power to be sexual with trusted individuals is broken. What once was power, pleasure, and freedom, is now danger, shame, guilt, fear, and something to try to understand again. Consent had been tampered with, consent had been thrown out the window, and the pleasure of one, but not the other, was prioritized. A human’s livelihood exploited and turned upside down, detrimental damage done to someone over the span of time, or in one instant, all done for unsustainable/momentary pleasure. Boldness and strength must be regained over time, and in the meantime instead of finding strength in their sexuality, they hang it on the wall as they heal, rebuild, and rediscover themselves.

Type: Salt print on paper – Painting  ​​18″ x 24″    

How to purchase: Contact 500X 


"silence isn't a green light" digital illustration

Briauna Williams                                                                                             

“Silence isn’t a Greenlight” 

Price: $200

CONSENT message: A digital illustration of silence not being consent 

Type: Digital Illustration

How to purchase: Contact 500X


"Yolk II" Print

Jessica Bell 

“Yolk II” 

Price: $400

CONSENT message: 4 framed egg yolk prints. The artwork is a set of 4 framed egg yolk prints designed to look similar to nipples that are covered up.

Type: Print

How to purchase: Contact 500X


"Nostalgia Parkglen" Painting of woman holding hands above her heads with a back to you

Elizabeth Hudson

“Nostalgia Parkglen” 

Price: $700

CONSENT message: This painting is based on a time in my life right after an unhealthy relationship where I did not consent to sex much of the time. The location depicted is my paternal grandparent’s backyard in Los Angeles where I felt a sense of nostalgia and joy for my earliest childhood memories, before dealing with the harsh realities of life. Nostalgia Parkglen is a part of a series entitled Portals, where I explore surrealism in a contemporary black American context, creating mindscapes: distorted landscapes where my self-portraits explore themes of family, culture, and self-healing. By using watercolor and oil, I create dream-inspired imagery that aims to visually represent the intangible side of life. Finding solace after trauma was me learning to reactivate my imagination and basking in the glory of my physical body 

Type: Painting 

How to purchase: Contact 500X  


"Shame. Slut." Mixed Media

Kristina Witmer 

“Shame. Slut.”

Price: $450

CONSENT message: : In a world of hypocrisy and double standards, you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Labels can define us or inspire us to change the way the world works for the better.

Type: Mixed Media 

How to purchase: Contact 500X


​​“Venus in Flux” Ballpoint pen and acrylic marker drawing

Kiara Daniels

​​“Venus in Flux”

Price:  $550

CONSENT message: Exploring the ideas of what it means to look and be looked at and how consent plays into that. 

Type: Ballpoint pen and acrylic marker drawing

How to purchase: Contact 500X


“You” Mixed Media picture of man and woman embracing

William Toliver 


Price: $850

CONSENT message: The idea that intimacy extends further than physical touch. It is something that touches your soul. It takes you to a place where space and time are lost. And to find someone that resonates with your whole being, mind, body and spirit, is like creating the perfect melody. To allow them to enter access to the deepest and darkest parts of goes beyond the physical. For once we let someone else see the beauty in our chaos, and if we are lucky they become the peace we seek to ease our troubled minds.

Type: Mixed Media  

How to purchase: Contact 500X


"Sitting Nude" Painting of black woman naked sitting

Charles Gray  

“Sitting nude” 

Price:  $2,500 each 

CONSENT message: : This was an academic study to prepare me for “Keyaira Fields”. Over 10 years of friendship Keyaira has shared stories of development of consent in her relationships. We composed a series of images and videos that documents Keyaira’s truth.

How to purchase: Contact 500X 


"not an invitation" two painting representing consent painting of a graduate graduating with something over his mouth

Gerald Bell

“not an invitation”

Price: $3,900

CONSENT message: I wanted to speak to the theme and message of the whole show while bringing into focus the visual aspect as an image and scenario which all too often represents misinterpreted consent. All too often there are sessions like this in movies (which often depict real life) that turn into sexual activity, exploiting, unwanted/unwelcome touching, and even rape. I painted the woman’s sexual organs in a juxtaposed psychological manner. It serves as an indicator in this piece. The green, we associate with “GO”, but if you really pay attention that green is an “X”. So many times things are often misinterpreted due to our own selfishness, desires and not seeing with our “eyes”. Ironically in some cases, the subject matter often doesn’t even fit into our own tastes or ideals of beauty. Despite that, we use the GREEN as an excuse to GO fulfill our own selfish physical desires, but what the subject is really/ultimately conveying, even though the indicator isn’t RED, is an obvious NO. In summary, the subject is volunteering to pose nude for the painting session, but nothing beyond that. The posing is neither an implicit contract to anything more, nor is it an invitation to anything further.  

Type: Painting  Around 40×40 

How to purchase: Contact 500X


“We Are Consumed” Mixed Media: Acrylic and Ink on paper; Painting 40x30 Framed.

Amy ​​Daniels                                                                                                         

We Are Consumed”

Price: $1,500

CONSENT message: “Love with a focus on erotica. Love IS light. Love is a Journey in all of its complexities is worth finding out. The type of love doesn’t matter. Eros (erotic passionate romantic)Agape (love for humanity or a God kind of love) Philia (friendship) Storge (parental love for their children). The commitment and consent to love does matter. 

Type: Mixed Media: Acrylic and Ink on paper; Painting 40×30 Framed.  

How to purchase: Contact 500X  




3D painting piece. It measures 16X20 and is in acrylic paint, sealed in varnish

Jane (Kittie) Cristobal

3D painting piece.

Price: N/A

CONSENT message: This piece is relational to consent in regards to conveying integrity and accountability. That starts with each person. Not just arming ourselves with pepper spray, but also recognizing within ourselves the beauty of honoring individual freedoms and boundaries. ”

Type: Mixed Media.  It measures 16X20 and is

 in acrylic paint, sealed in varnish.

How to purchase: Contact 500X 


“There's a Disconnect” Oil on Canvas, 24" x 36", 4" x 4" (3), 5" x 4" (2)

Patrick Oliver                                                                                                       

“There’s a Disconnect”

Price: N/A

CONSENT message: In my piece, I’ve displayed both the male and female symbols connected to suggest the idea that we should be connected and working together in a relationship. Yet, now in the center of the connection, there’s a disconnecting line of black and grey that splits the symbols in two. This black and grey line represents something that’s gone wrong in the relationship. This line then stretches out to the multiple different canvases I’ve stapled together onto the larger canvas that say words like “Yes”, “No”, and “Help”. This is also to suggest a disconnect in a conversation between what is allowed to happen and what isn’t i.e. consent. In the center of the symbols, there is yellow, which is to suggest there’s still hope in broken relationships and in all of us.

Type: Oil on Canvas, 24″ x 36″, 4″ x 4″ (3), 5″ x 4″ (2)

How to purchase: Contact 500X


“What is Happening” Animated GIF

Fabiha Yousuf

“What is Happening”

Price: N/A

CONSENT message: This is a piece which depicts the pain and growth I have found through the event of my childhood sexual assault. This piece has been extremely powerful and cathartic for me to reach into the darkest part of my life and in a sense, relive the events but also embrace the growth that came forth from creating this work. The idea is presented through themes of repeating text and an outline of the human form, specifically myself. Consent was absent during these times, which further emphasizes the importance of education surrounding consent. It is imperative to create a societal dynamic where the topic of consent is safe and comfortable for people to broach and discuss. No means no, and if you are unable to say no, you have not said yes. 

Type: Animated GIF

How to purchase: Contact 500X 


"Fathers of Failure" Illustration

Christina Ramirez 

“Fathers of Failure ”

Price: N/A

CONSENT message: A comic depicting an event from my past and my freeze response 

Type: Illustration 

How to purchase: Contact 500X  


“Trigger Warning” Poem- in holographic vinyl on the wall or floor of the gallery

Kristina Smith 

“Trigger Warning” 

Price: N/A

CONSENT message: The work “trigger warning” will be installed in holographic vinyl on the wall or floor of the gallery. A stack of zines with the poem will also be available for the audience to take with them.

Type: Poem-  in holographic vinyl on the wall or floor of the gallery 

How to purchase: Contact 500X