How do you leave a guy who cheats but also doesn’t want you to go anywhere without him and swears he can’t live without you?

Dr. Nicholas: Breakups are naturally hard on most people. But they are even more difficult when the relationship is characterized by emotional over-involvement, which happens when each person in the relationship has difficulty separating their emotions from their partner’s emotions and “can’t live without” them. Another word for this is enmeshment. Enmeshed relationships require healthy and clearly stated boundaries. An… Read the rest

How can you be friends with someone who treats you like his girlfriend?

PLY’s: Set boundaries. Start the conversation and tell them what you want and ask them what they want. (They also said that if the friend could not accept that they would cut ties with them) Dr.Nicholas: If someone treats you like his girlfriend, that probably means they want to spend a lot of one-on-one time with you, buy you gifts… Read the rest

At what age do you know your sexual orientation?

At what age do you know your sexual orientation? PLY’s: There is not an age limit it is different person to person. Do what makes you happy and that’s what matters. Sexual Orientation isn’t a choice, you are born with it, but it can take some time to understand. Dr. Susan Sugerman: There’s no specific age.  Sexual orientation in adolescence… Read the rest

How do you break up with a guy or girl?

PLYs: Go for it! In life you may or may not get hurt no matter what. That’s life. You should be honest about your feelings. You can’t change them or yourself. Be true. Dr. Nicholas: Breakups can be hard, no matter if you’re the one doing the breaking up, or being broken up with. With advances in technology, a lot… Read the rest

Why do boys think girls are easy to have sex with?

PLY’s: The girl has to just say no and set boundaries! Teenage boys seem like they are always horny, just set ‘em straight and say no! Dr. Nicholas: Perhaps some boys think this, but assuming all boys think this just isn’t true. Boys and girls should be respectful of their partner’s wishes, not just about sex, but about all things.… Read the rest

How do you tell your partner if you have an STI?

PLY’s: You don’t have a choice. You should tell them. Dr. Nicholas: It is an honorable decision if you choose to share this information with your partner, which indicates you care about their health and your relationship with them. Here are some simple steps for tackling this: Decide when to tell them. It is best to do it when you’re… Read the rest

Why do guys like to eat out girls?

PLY’s: It turns them on! Ntarupt Educator: Cunnilingus is just a fancy way to say “eating out” or just oral sex on a female’s private parts/genitalia, (clitoris, the vulva or the vagina). The clitoris is the most sexually sensitive part of a female’s genitalia. We can compare the clitoris or “clit” for short to the head or “tip” of the… Read the rest

Is it wrong to date a boy and girl at the same time?

PLY’s: As long as both of them know and nobody is getting hurt in the process it should be ok. Most of my friends and I would not be ok with being in an open relationship. Ntarupt Educator: There is nothing wrong with dating multiple people at the same time – as long as you and your partners have an… Read the rest