Why do guys like to eat out girls?

PLY’s: It turns them on! Ntarupt Educator: Cunnilingus is just a fancy way to say “eating out” or just oral sex on a female’s private parts/genitalia, (clitoris, the vulva or the vagina). The clitoris is the most sexually sensitive part of a female’s genitalia. We can compare the clitoris or “clit” for short to the head or “tip” of the… Read the rest

Is it wrong to date a boy and girl at the same time?

PLY’s: As long as both of them know and nobody is getting hurt in the process it should be ok. Most of my friends and I would not be ok with being in an open relationship. Ntarupt Educator: There is nothing wrong with dating multiple people at the same time – as long as you and your partners have an… Read the rest

What do you do when you’re pressured in to sex?

PLY’s: Tell that person you are not ready. If they tried to get forceful then that is considered rape. No means no.
Dr. Susan: Sex should NEVER be something you do when you feel pressured. It is something you get to decide to do when YOU want to, not when someone else thinks you should. It’s your right. Besides, women… Read the rest

Can I get pregnant on my period?

Ntarupt Educator: Yes – it is possible to get pregnant during your period if you have unprotected sex. A woman is most likely to get pregnant through sex that happens before and during ovulation (which just means when the egg is released from her ovary). Usually, ovulation happens about 14 days before your period starts. However, everyone’s bodies and hormones… Read the rest

Should you be picky about who you date?

PLY’s: Don’t settle for what you want! If you find someone who treats you right and gives you everything (honesty, loyalty, trustworthiness) then hold on to that person. You have to have standards for yourself. Don’t settle for less. You have to have trust, communication, and loyalty. Dr. Susan: Of course! It’s your life, your present, and your future. You… Read the rest

How do you leave a guy who cheats but says he wants you?

PLY’s: Block them. Make sure that person is no longer in your life. If they do it once there’s a possibility he’ll do it again. (They also mentioned it happens a lot where couples stay together when they’re in a cycle of cheating because they believe they’re in love and the cheating partner can be manipulative.) Dr. Susan: Flip the… Read the rest

Why do guys want to get with girls they don’t like?

Why do guys want to get with girls they don’t like? PLYs: • Men don’t care as long as they are getting some they are happy. Guys just like to sleep with everybody
• They just want sex.
• It sometimes isn’t just the guy that wants sex both guys and girls like having sex. Dr. Susan: I almost never… Read the rest