The clinics below are teen friendly and may offer some or all of the following services free or at an affordable cost:

Confidential Services
Annual Check Ups
STI Screening and Treatment
Birth Control

Your Health Is Important

Ntarupt’s mission is to improve the quality of life for children, families, and communities by preventing unintended teen pregnancies. Below are some things you should consider.

If it’s your first time visiting you may be asked to fill out some paperwork.

Even if services are free or low cost you may be asked about insurance or other healthcare programs like Medicaid. Some places may even help you sign up for free healthcare programs.

You may be told services are confidential (private), if you’re not sure just ask.

You may be asked to pee in a cup and/ or have an exam for some services.

For some places you may be able to receive condoms and birth control before you leave. For others you get a prescription to take to a pharmacy of your choice.

Some questions a doctor or health care provided may ask might be personal and be about your sexual activity. It may feel awkward or embarrassing to answer but be honest so they can provide the best care and help. You can also ask them questions about your concerns, sex, condoms, your body, STDs, birth control etc.

If you are in need of HIV Testing, locations may be found at: