How do you leave a guy who cheats but says he wants you?

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Block them. Make sure that person is no longer in your life. If they do it once there’s a possibility he’ll do it again. (They also mentioned it happens a lot where couples stay together when they’re in a cycle of cheating because they believe they’re in love and the cheating partner can be manipulative.)

Dr. Susan:

Flip the story. Why does someone who doesn’t respect you enough to be faithful deserve to be in a relationship with you? You deserve to be treated like a princess or a prince. That means no cheating. Life is long; there’s plenty of time to wait for a better partner to come along. Look around you—there are lots of people you know who find love at any age, any size, any color, whether they are good-looking or not. I PROMISE there will be someone else in the future who loves you better than the person who doesn’t honor you by cheating on you. You are better off spending time with friends who take good care of you than someone who cheats and puts your heart and your safety on the line. Move on to building better memories with people who are worthy of you in the present. Once you decide to leave, get help from the people who love you the most to stay away from the cheater. It can be hard to walk away from the good parts of the relationship. Let people like your parents, close family and close Get help keeping busy, give someone your phone for awhile(gasp!). Protect yourself and your urge to forgive someone you still have feelings for. Stay strong and stand your ground. Cheaters cheat. People who don’t, won’t!


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