My partner wants me to stop spending so much time with my friends and family, why?

Dr. Susan:

In healthy relationships, no partner would pull you away from your family or your friends. Healthy partners know that your family is part of who you are. They know that your friends love you fiercely and watch your back. In a good relationship, your partner will probably really like your family and friends, though they might also want some time with you alone. You can work to find some balance by making sure you both have time for your own families and friends apart from your time as a couple. But you can also bring your partner with you as you spend time with the others you care about in your life. It should go both ways.
Sometimes a controlling or abusive partner will pull you away from the people you’re close to in order to make you feel alone. At the end of the day, your family and friends love and care about you a lot. If they don’t like your partner, there could be a good reason.

P.S. This can happen in any relationship, male or female. We tend to hear about abusive male partners, but female partners can do the same thing.