Texas Is Ready

For the first time in more than two decades, Texas has revised its sex-ed curriculum standards.

The next step? Preparing our families, schools, districts, and communities for the new standards to take effect in 2022 – preparing parents to know their rights – helping parents understand the parent opt-in forms and the new curriculum.

The Texas Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, the North Texas Alliance to Reduce Unintended Pregnancy in Teens (Ntarupt), and Healthy Futures of Texas are collaborating on advocacy to improve sex education curriculum standards for Texas youth.

NEW for 2022! Parent Sex Ed Opt-in Forms Are Going Home | Know Your Rights

‘What is the Parent Opt-in Form?’ and “What Are My Rights?” – Get the Answers Here

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Commentary: Extend state’s ‘family values’ to sex ed, contraception

Evelyn Delgado and Molly Clayton in San Antonio Express News speaks on sex education in Texas.

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Opinion: Abortion banned and parents must consent to sex ed for teens

Molly Clayton, executive director of the Texas Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy and a member of Texas Is Ready coalition shares her opinion on the abortion ban in the Houston Chronicle.

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Texas has new sex education standards!!

On 11/20, the SBOE updated the curriculum. Ntarupt is proud to be part of the Texas is Ready coalition that helped to lead this advocacy work!

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Why abstinence-plus sex ed is most effective when it’s inclusive.

Healthy Futures Youth Advocacy Council member pens oped ahead of final SBOE vote

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LGBTQ+ Representation in Sexual & Reproductive Health Education

By: Ntarupt Sex Educator Ileana Cruz

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Why Abstinence-Plus Sex Ed is Best

Why Abstinence-Plus Sex Ed is Best for Texas

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What are SHACs, and how do they impact sex ed in Texas schools?

Ntarupt’s Veronica Whitehead Co-Authors Blog

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How Does the SBOE Shape the TEKS?

Learn the steps of the SBOE TEKS review process!

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What does Texas law say about sex education?

Texas state law has almost nothing to say about chemistry or physics, and just a little bit to say about algebra and computer science.

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A Review of the September SBOE Meeting

Sex ed victories for Texas, but lots of work left

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The time is now to speak out for sex education!

Sign the Petition – It’s the easiest step you can take to support sex education upgrades.

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What does an LGBTQ-inclusive health curriculum look like?

Learn what Texas stands to lose by failing to require LGBTQ-inclusive sex education.

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Who represents me?

Reaching out directly to your SBOE member can be a powerful way to advocate. Use the link below to find out who represents you and how to contact them.

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With new limits on abortion, Texas needs strong sex education now more than ever

Terry Greenberg and Evelyn Delgado featured in Fort Worth Star Telegram discussing prevention and SB8.

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