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WAPDallas “We Always Use Protection”: A Marketing Campaign To Disrupt the Status Quo & Promote Reproductive Health in Teens & Young Adults

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From Terry Greenberg, CEO of Ntarupt  

We are living in a time when Rapper Juvenile’s decades-old “Back That Thang Up” song is being remixed to “Vax That Thang Up” encouraging people to get vaccinated. We are also living in a time when teens and young adults are listening and dancing along to songs titled, “WAP “Wet A@s Pxs@y” by Cardi B and Megan TheeStallion which Teen Vogue said, “WAP” Reaction Shows How Threatened Men Are By Female Sexuality” whereas the Washington Post said “Opinion: ‘WAP’ is completely filthy. We could use a lot more pop culture like it.”

But like the positive turn on Juvenile’s song, the North Texas Alliance to Reduce Unintended Pregnancy in Teens (Ntarupt) has turned the song into a totally positive message to combat a local issue: teen pregnancy. The WAPDallas “We Always Use Protection” message is a double entendre playing off the hit song. At Ntarupt, we have a mission to reach teens where they are in order to ensure ALL have access to resources and information about sex education, STIs, local Clinics, and reproductive health. Our sexual health information hub for teens and young adults, Talk About It Dallas, was started to provide tips to make it easier to have “The Talk” and seeing a billboard, bus or video will help spark a necessary conversation. 

And, as we mentioned in response to a not-so-balanced Dallas Observer article, “Teens, not parents, made the Cardi B WAP challenge go viral. Teens, more than parents, listened to WAP. If your teen knows this song, and you haven’t had some real conversations, you have missed an opportunity.  Take it now. Teens, including many Dallas teens in specific zip codes, are in need of sex education and reproductive health resources.” 



The facts are clear: 

  • A baby is born to a teen mom in Dallas County every 4 hours. 
  • Of the largest 20 counties in the Country, Dallas has the highest teen birth rate and the highest rates of Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, HIV, and Syphilis among youth aged 15-24.


Map of zip codes highlighting teen pregnancy rates in Dallas County

So, Why W.A.P. Now in 2021? 

May 2021 was Sex Ed for All and to reach adolescents and parents, Ntarupt launched the W.A.P. #WAPDallas campaign, a hyper-local sex education public awareness effort at an important time in our nation with things opening back up, students returning to in-person classes and socializing, and dating, increasing due to the vaccinations. Teen pregnancy is continually one of the top drivers to poverty for the City of Dallas. Barriers to healthcare and other inequities coexist with the highest teen birth rates throughout the City. Those zip codes with the highest teen birth rates are 75203, 75212, 75220, 75215, 75216, 75217, 75219, 75227, 75228. 75240, 75172, and 75231.

Reaching Teens in Hyper-local Neighborhoods with DART Buses & Billboards

The 21 DART buses displaying the sex education “WAPDallas: We Always Use Protection” campaign messages traveled throughout Dallas and in and around these zip codes! Our target audiences actually SAW the messages and now could equate WAP to a sex education message. One campaign message was displayed on a billboard located at Central Expressway/75 and Hall St. to encourage in-the-car sex education talks among teens and parents. Another billboard is located at Jim Miller and I-30 with the message “S.E.X.: Safe.Experiences with Xtra Protection.”The Dallas Morning News reporter Kelli Smith wrote an article about the campaign, “These 12 ZIP codes have the highest teen pregnancy rates in Dallas County. A pop culture-based bus campaign hopes to change that.The public’s and media response to our campaign has been mostly positive, but there have been some adults who spoke out against it with negative comments similar to those Cardi and Megan received in response to their hit song. Helping teens gain access to resources is at the heart of our WAPDallas public awareness campaign. To disrupt the status quo, you sometimes have to actually be disruptive.


W.A.P: We Always Use Protection Billboard


Thank You, DJ Poison Ivy & Local High School Students! 

To continue the WAPDallas campaign momentum, we are SO grateful that one of our board members DJ Poizon Ivy partnered with Ntarupt to perform and share the new  #WAPDallas on her TikTok and Instagram. See their full dance video

With a goal of reaching teens, we couldn’t be more thrilled that local teens supported our mission and wrote, performed in, and choreographed the new #WAPDallas lyrics and video. Talk about seeing the issue and doing something about it, these students are true leaders for future generations. 

Right now, our WAPDallas contest is running, so click here to learn more. And as we near the final leg of the #WAPDallas campaign, we can’t help sending a final shoutout to Cardi B and Megan The Stallion. If the teens are dancing about it, then it’s our responsibility to #TalkAboutItDallas.                                                                                                                                                                     

@poizonivythedjDallas, listen up! #WAP has a NEW meaning #WeAlwaysUseProtection!@iamcardib @theestallion♬ original sound – Ivy Awino

Lets #TalkAboutItDallas,


Terry Greenberg