Why do guys want to get with girls they don’t like?

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Why do guys want to get with girls they don’t like?


• Men don’t care as long as they are getting some they are happy. Guys just like to sleep with everybody
• They just want sex.
• It sometimes isn’t just the guy that wants sex both guys and girls like having sex.

Dr. Susan:

I almost never see couples hook up that don’t like each other even a little bit. Most guys (and girls) are not jerks. Sometimes a boy or girl may try to get with somebody they are sexually attracted to but don’t really know well enough to want an ongoing relationship. Sometimes after they get to know the person, they realize they aren’t a good fit as a couple, even if the sex was good. Sometimes they are intimidated by the partner wanting to continue a relationship when they aren’t ready it, so it comes off looking like they don’t like that person. Other times they just may not be very good at communicating their feelings and say things to hurt someone’s feelings or act like they don’t like that person either accidentally or else because it’s easier than managing a relationship.